Leopold Bros

Apples will always have a home in my heart. Growing up in the Hudson Valley meant you liked apples even if you didn’t.  Leopold bros managed to capture two things close to my heart well crafted whiskey and New York Apples.


At a 40 dollar price point this should be a easy add to any home bar.liqueur is flavored with a wide range of apples, from Golden Delicious to rare Macoun apples. The apples are allowed to become almost overripe before juicing and blending with whiskey. The blend is then aged in bourbon barrels.

I liked it with a ice cube or two in it to help bring out the apple. Straight up it can be little aggressive, but slightly chilled on ice its smooth and beautiful.  This whiskey can be easily paired well with ginger beer, cider, or a hard cider for a elevated flavorful drink combo.




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