New things in little places


Had an amazing meal last night at Legrand here in Norfolk. Place is everything a “foodie” could want its small only seating about 12 people tops and the menu always ever changing based on what they buy for the day.  I had pull pork on toast with house made pickles and Alabama white sauce and also not picture “mushrooms on toast”.

The good: Lots of food for a great price totally left stuffed and happy. The pork was very juicy and had a nice smokey flavor to it. The pickles had a good sweet flavor to balance out the smoke from the pork along with the ‘White sauce” which was mayo and horseradish.  The mushrooms on toast was nice the chicken confit was nice and tender not overly oily and had good balanced flavor. The mixed mushrooms and kale that topped the bread also had a nice seasoning to them and balanced out the dish well.

The bad: The pork itself was awesome, but they added pimento cheese which you don’t pick up any of that flavor it gets lost. It added a richness to the dish, but didn’t do much to complement other flavors. They also use a lot of butter on the bread almost in excess not to say this is a bad thing, but it can over power the dishes both very quickly. Lastly a little bit more salt would of been helpful.

Overall I love this place and will be back many many more times to come!