Catering gigs and some other random photos from work.

10363480_10100964589127787_7562048775236340868_n 10354167_10100965313566007_3362754859991511942_n 10336645_10100965290846537_2451388676643325494_n 1907694_10100966038617997_6532731622554953362_n 10173760_1429256427333769_168818379775368810_n DSCN2629 10271533_531636766948772_8340056825379266088_n 10268479_10100937850282647_4147255615342570692_n 1610030_537235206388928_4575642396223512348_n1618672_10100894739232537_5018016566709736898_n10440958_10100975693584367_6164762567189559476_nLobster bisque porksalmon10349015_552768454835603_1741752277696768098_n




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