Oyster Roast 2013



Had a good time doing this for my frat few weekends ago. Its always funny to bring high class food to the masses who normally spend their days consuming 12 dollar cases of beer and 9 dollar bottles of gin. Boil is actually pretty easy in my large pot I used the follwing:


100 clams-washed and clean

3 lobsters-alive

3 pounds shrimp-not shelled

2 dozen muscles

one pound potatoes

12 stalks of yellow corn shucked and cut into thirds

3 bay leaves

5 liters of white wine

one cup dry vermouth

about quarter cup old bay

sprig of dill, cilantro, basil, and rosemarry

heavy hand of salt and pepper

topped with water and let sit on a boil till the clams open easy at that all those nice seafood flavors will mix in nicely with the wine. Potatoes and corn will be the best tasting since they’ll suck up all those flavors.


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