Hot dogs: Meat torpedo of enjoyment



Being that it is summer time it only seemed appropriate to finally update with something summer themed. So I chose the magical meat tubes of hot dogs. I for one love me a good dog and I frankly don’t care what they’re made from and the gross underlying horror stories of what they might stuffed with.

As a NYC native Nothing will ever top a hot dog from the grey murky waters of  New York City street vendor kraut and relish please. Not sure what kind of hot dog they are really slinging; yes I know they tote large yellow signs that scream Sabrett, but I often wonder if their is some kind of black market on the hot dog game. Funny how a food as over looked as hot dog can drum up big memories for me. Yankee stadium with my grand pa, summer bbq’s on the deck with my dad, drunken college cookouts playing corn hole and drinking shine.

One place I dig a lot is back in NYC called Soul Dog Was recently bought by new owners who seem to be keeping close to the way things have been when I last ate their with the old owners. Cool thing about this place is they jazz up your traditional dog and also do a lot of gluten free items. One my favorite thing there is the Thai Dog shown above spicy peanut sauce, cucumbers, sriracha, jalapenos, and cilantro. Big fan of this dog and what their doing with it. 

I always enjoy when people take normal food such as the dog and do something neat with it adding a new way to re-invent a old classic.