Whiskey Apple Cider

Whiskey Apple Cider

Need to get better at posting my cocktail stuff cause well I mask my drinking habits by creating great tasting drinks then no one judges. Right…right…haha..right…….

Whiskey is one of my favorite drinks straight up, mixed, cooked into food all good I’ll take it anyway I can get it tequila is a close close second. Falls wrapping up and I had some apples that Emily gave us for whatever reason and I put them to use the only way that seemed logical.

1 1/2 oz Wild Turkey any whiskey will ultimately work

3 oz Apple Cider

2 oz ginger ale or ginger beer

Dash of simple syrup to taste depending on how sweet you like your cocktail.

Garnish with apple slices or mint leafs.

Combined into a shaker shake till frost appears on the outside of the tin. Fun fact that is when you cocktail can get no colder and many more shaking will just water down the drink. Strain over ice and drink.


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