5 Napkin burger NYC http://5napkinburger.com/

5 Napkin Burger 055

Game changer went to the one in union station and it was epic. The inside is really cool tile walls and subway shit all over a neat new age pub feel dark wood booths nice well built bar I liked it. Beer selection was pretty well played 70 or so mostly American crafts which was neat and a massive abundance of bourbons to pick from both amazing quick ways into my heart. Menu is extensive and interesting sushi. lobster rolls, burgers, steak fries, and other various items.

Burger lets just cut out the bullshit..they did a wonderful evil magical thing here. Using 10-oz. ground-chuck beast slathered in Gruyère cheese, caramelized onions and rosemary garlic aïoli for about $10.95 isn’t bad its awesome especially for NYC. Burger is a awesome sweet savory tangy its well played kudos to these folks who have once again proved that burger is an old dog that can continue to learn new tricks.


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