Whitners BBQ http://www.whitnersbbq.com/


Its not everyday that I relate food to sex but, in the case of Whitners this the hookers to my JFK.

Out the gate walking in you’re hit with the aroma of smoke that sweet smokey tang of meat being cured to shredded perfection. Smaller than I thought and off beat located inside a plaza next to the ABC store easily overlooked like the nerdy girl in high school. but don’t cause she’ll be the ride you always wanted to take. Oh and this place was featured on a certain spiked hair doucher from food networks show…

The menu is decent in size for such a small place serving your typical bbq staple of turkey, pulled pork, brisket, and chicken. What I dug was the burnt ends some places i’ve been too outside of VA do this some don’t other just mix it into the pulled pork. They are magical little pieces of meat burnt crispy and full of flavor and one of my food favorites. The above photo is a sample platter which ran me like 14 bucks and fed my fat ass for 2 days. Get this don’t think do it get it good move on. You can pick from any of the meats on the menu I opted for brisket, burn ends, pulled pork, taters, and mac and cheese. All were banging the burn ends and pulled pork were magical. I was forcing that into my mouth like Whitney Houston and a crack pipe (too soon?) Had a nice amount of smoke and a nice layer of sauce that complemented the smokey and natural taste of the meats.

I chose those three because it gives you a good base to see what he was working with. Typical BBQ folk lore is based around pulled pork, ribs, and brisket. If a place can get that right then they are doing almost everything right. BBQ is a food of love it takes time to be done right if rushed it will be a tough nasty mess. If cheated it won’t be right in taste or conception.

Now with every meal there will be faults things I would work on. The brisket was a little thick for my taste and came apart as just large chunks. I enjoy my brisket sliced thin and with a traditional texas red sauce on it. The Mac and Cheese wasn’t anything to write home about seemed like SYSCO bought and microwaved. While using this is probably cheap tossing in some extra cheese to jazz it may not hurt. The mash wasn’t super either decent, but lacked flavor.Butter salt pepper possibly some garlic would help to elevate the side and better complement the meal.

Overall Whitners is good I’m going to be a repeat offender when I’m out near the beach. Its everything you want in a selfish high fat lunch cheap, filling, and damn good. If you’re interested in the being a food doucher like the spiked hair tool bag they have a smaller menu of items he enjoyed while he was in attendance.


Things to check out while there:

Ribs, Turkey sandwich, and BBQ chicken as well all looked really good.


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