Basil Mojito


Basil ah sweet sweet basil. You tricky whore you are. Can be sweet or savory a garnish or a critical component of dish. You are the global call girl of herbs being used all over in all kinds of cooking.

Above its a photo taken from my days pretending I was Tom Cruise in cocktail and swooning trophy wives into poor choices and blackmail. Its a easy cocktail to make on a day like today 67 degrees and sunny.  I’m going to give two variations on the drink because some of you people don’t like gin (go find a bridge and jump now)

Starts off like a regular mojito grab a set of tins if you don’t own them get a pint glass add basil. If you can find sweet thai basil or lemon basil it will generally work better because its sweet. If your a purest or a filthy Italian like me regular basil is just fine.

Add 3 tablespoons of sugar and a 5-10 leafs of basil. Throw some ice down and muddle till its a pulp.

Add in 1-2 shots of gin (I like tanqueray rangpur due to the lime content)

Add grapefruit juice and sprite to fill leave about a 4 fingers of space at the top. Shake like mad man then pour over ice.

Now if all of that horrifies you the gin and grapefruit juice change out the gin for white rum and the grapefruit juice for sprite and lemonade.


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